HASS - Branka Prlic's and Tamer Yigit's new play at Hau 2


After a rousing session of pumping iron at your favorite gym, rush to Hallesches Tor and catch Branka Prlic’s und Tamer Yigit’s brilliant adaptation of the French film La Haine, playing again today Jan. 12 and tomorrow, Jan. 13, 2010 at the Hebbel am Ufer (HAU 2) theater in Berlin. Before Tamer Yi?it turned to the stage, he was an active associate at EYZ Media, realeyz.tv’s parent company. Branka Prlic and Tamer Yigit, the directing team that brought us the award winning play Warngedicht in 2009, are back with another ensemble piece. The duo’s nuanced, highly emotional and testosterone-dripping look at Berlin’s (mostly Turkish) male immigrant community earned raving applause by its young and vocal audience. This is the street – raw, pumped, ridiculing, taunting, desperate, funny and rocking it. Yigit, whose creativity seems to know no bounds, plays an ‘alternative universe’ version of himself, and creates on-stage magic. The play’s energy is matched only by its heartfelt sincerity. The music and tightly tuned stage production alone are worth a visit.






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